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Rivers of life

themes to
the film

The Multilayered Parts To The Film

theme one


A exploration of relationships through the metaphor of rivers. Navigating the complexities of love, empathy, and emotional boundaries, drawing inspiration from the adaptability and unity of water bodies.This film invites viewers on a journey, fostering deeper connections and understanding. Embrace the wisdom of rivers and navigate your relationships with renewed insight.

theme two

being alive

The project takes viewers on a journey to the Muteshekau Shipu (Magpie River), the first river in Canada to gain "personhood."This exploration is not just geographical but also historical, cultural, and spiritual. The Magpie River represents a significant shift in human-river relationships, embodying the recognition of rivers as living entities with rights.

theme three

the convoy


theme five


The project delves into Indigenous perspectives on water rights and our relationship with nature. We challenge traditional views, exploring the idea of rivers as living entities with their own rights.We take you beyond human-centric views, repositioning us as part of a vast ecological network

theme six


In Hinduism, rivers hold a profound spiritual and philosophical significance. They are considered sacred, purifying, and life-giving. They are not just bodies of water, but divine entities that have shaped our civilizations, cultures, and personal lives.As I delve into the depths of this project, I am reminded of my own personal connection with rivers. I recall the sacred ceremony of Mundan, performed by the river, a significant milestone in my life. This ritual, deeply rooted in Hindu traditions, connected me to my cultural heritage and the sacred waters of the river.

rivers of life

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